Contracts determine how a business deal should be executed, which has a major implication on the ultimate outcome. As a result, creating a contract requires stakeholders from across business functions such as procurement, sales, finance and legal to collaborate closely. However, these departments mostly operate in silos, which in turn prevents them from communicating seamlessly during the drafting and negotiations process. The underlying process itself lacks strong risk control mechanisms to ensure that contracts are authored using company-preferred legalese.

With SirionOne, enterprises can enable various business teams to come together on a single platform and leverage the power of AI to collaboratively author, negotiate, and sign smarter contracts, faster than ever before.

Our platform offers the full spectrum of CLM capabilities to:

  • Minimize risk by standardizing legalese used across the enterprise for contracting.
  • Enable anyone to author new contracts and redline them collaboratively in real-time.
  • Automate the legal review process during negotiations using SirionOne’s AI.
  • Simplify approval and execution through configurable workflows and seamless integration with e-signature tools.

Download this product brief to discover how SirionOne for Contract Authoring and Negotiation can help you author smart contracts in 90 percent less time.

[Product Brief] Contract Authoring & Negotiation
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