The typical O2C process – which plays a critical role in ensuring revenue recognition against services delivered – is manually driven in a disjointed manner by enterprise functions such as delivery, legal, and finance operating in silos. Once a sales deal is executed, the commercial contract that governs it is usually lost among emails, CRMs and file servers. As a result, critical information stored in these contracts remains largely inaccessible and contract managers tend to have poor visibility into a wide variety of regulatory, operational, and financial obligations and lack access to information such as obligation frequency, triggers, and reciprocal actions.

However, with SirionOne for O2C enterprises can:

  • Amplify revenue and profitability across customer accounts by up to 8% of TCV.
  • Author smarter sales contracts in up to 90% less time.
  • Reduce soft value leakage associated with unrealized business gains by 4-8%.
  • Minimize disputes with counterparties by up to 50%.
  • Forecast revenue, analyze DSO trends, and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Lead account growth conversations by using delivery performance data to demonstrate ROI to your customers.

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