Data is the new oil, and commercial contracts are one of the richest, albeit deepest and most difficult wells of information to mine. However, enterprises often lack the tools to aggregate this unstructured data and transform it into meaningful information. As a result, businesses are often compelled to employ cost and time intensive processes and multiple point solutions to manually search for and leverage business data locked away in paper and electronic contracts.

With SirionOne, you can now bring your offline contracts online by:

  • Digitizing and migrating your contract portfolio to a centralized cloud-based repository.
  • Extracting 100+ clause categories and metadata fields.
  • Reducing extraction time by up to 80% and cost by up to 50%.
  • Offering prebuilt plugins to integrate with and pull documents from other enterprise IT systems such as P2P, ERP, and CRM.
  • Offering OOTB analytics packages for use cases such as M&A, LIBOR transition, and more.

Download this product brochure to discover how SirionOne for Contract Analytics can help your organization reimagine how it discovers and operationalizes contract intelligence.

[Product Brochure] SirionOne for Contract Analytics
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