Sirion CLM for Supplier Management

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What’s Inside?

An exhaustive network of supplier relationships underpins the operations of a modern enterprise. These commercial engagements are governed by hundreds of distinct contracts, which are often created and managed by siloed businesses functions. As a result, contract managers find it difficult to gain a holistic view of supplier relationships and measure what was delivered (outcomes) against what was promised (contracted terms) and what has been billed for (invoices), leading to significant value leakage.

With Sirion, enterprises can bring their operational silos closer together on single platform and:

  • Gain a consolidated view of supplier and subcontractor relationships across your organization.
  • Reduce contract governance cost by up to 60%.
  • Plug 6-12% hard value leakage at the invoice level through automated invoice validation.
  • Reduce buyer-supplier disputes by up to 50%.
  • Reduce soft value leakage associated with unrealized business gains by 4-8%.
  • Monitor and analyze spend across lines of business, geography, and more to increase budgeting accuracy.

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