SirionLabs + CATS CM®

A business' vision evolves over time. However, contracts – the basis for all commercial relationships – are not as agile and need to be adapted to suit the context of the enterprise’s future goals and commitments. Legacy tools, combined with a vaguely defined CLM methodology, often lead to misalignments between an organization’s goals and their contracts, putting these goals at risk.

To help enterprises overcome these challenges, SirionLabs has incorporated CATS CM® - the world's top contract management methodology - into its platform, making it the first CLM to offer this capability. Organizations can harness this scalable, strategic and data-driven methodology in Sirion to focus contract creation and governance efforts on aspects directly impacting business outcomes.

Download this product brief to discover how this combination of industry best practice and market leading technology can help drive the alignment between contracts and organizational objectives.

Product Brief: SirionLabs + CATS CM®
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