The legal, contracting, and technology landscapes within financial services markets are transforming with next-gen technologies like smart contracts, blockchain, collaborative platforms, and common domain models (CDM) set to become the universally accepted standard for transacting financial contracts.

Additionally, financial institutions need greater control, management and visibility across their portfolio of client, counterparty and market agreements. However, investment and trading agreements are complex, high-risk, and high-value assets. Assuring the integrity of contracted terms and data is vital. Failure can have severe consequences – from loss of revenue to regulatory fines or license cancellations.

At SirionLabs, we believe your contracts and contract management programs must ‘Start Digital and Stay Digital’ to rapidly embrace the changing contracting landscape in Financial Services.

Download this product brief to discover how Sirion CLM’s advanced capabilities for the entire contracting lifecycle like authoring & negotiation, repository, risk analytics and management, obligation management can help financial organizations stay on top of their contractual agreements and maximize business outcomes.

[Product Brief] Sirion CLM for Investment & Capital Markets
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