Effective management of strategic client accounts is a significant challenge for most services suppliers due to the disjointed and inefficient handling of the order-to-cash (O2C) processes - hampered by functional and account-level silos, lack of technology integration and ineffective manual processes. This leads to revenue leakage (3.8 – 10% of ACV), strained relationships and increased risk of non-compliance in enterprise accounts.

Sirion Order-to-Cash addresses the above issues by streamlining and automating the key O2C processes - contract management, performance management, invoice auditing and buyer-supplier collaboration - on a single, integrated platform.  Built-in workflows and analytics allow a clear view of the contractual obligations enabling suppliers to ensure that:

  • service delivery, invoices and the underlying contract are all aligned to each other, and
  • compliance obligations are actively monitored and managed.

Additionally, it provides a single source of truth, enabling an objective assessment of the buyer-supplier relationship based on authentic data thereby addressing the issue of misplaced subjective assessments and friction between the two parties.

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[Product Brief] SirionOne for Order-to-Cash
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