Three key goals for sell-side contracting are - speed, compliance and revenue maximization. Effective management of the sales contracting process is critical for the financial health of an organization, with effective collaboration between internal teams (legal, sales, finance, operations/delivery) and externally with the counterparty essential. But most organizations struggle to get this right.

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology can transform the sales contracting experience, but the key is to find a tool that has specialized sell-side functionality vs. generic capabilities. Ensuring a compliant and speedy contract creation process, seamless collaboration between stakeholders, and advanced reporting and analytics capabilities are some of the key capabilities that you should look for.

Download this handy 10-point checklist to serve as your quick reference guide as you evaluate the right sell-side CLM for your organization.

[Product Checklist] 10-point checklist for Finding the Right Sell-side CLM
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