Till recently, contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology was seen mainly as an efficiency enabler. That is no longer the case. In 2021, CLM has become a strategic business platform and an executive priority. Further, research by Gartner and Forrester indicates rapid growth in the demand for CLM.

With more than 200 vendors, the CLM market is fragmented. It can get challenging to sift through the various options available and determine the most suitable one. The ideal CLM needs to meet modern contracting needs by offering seamless functionality across the complete lifecycle of a contract – from authoring and negotiation to AI-powered legal review, centralized repository, automated risk assessment, and more.

Download this handy 10-point checklist as your quick reference guide to help you evaluate the right CLM platform for your organization.

[Product Checklist] 10-point Checklist for the Ideal CLM Platform
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